The Biggest Villain In Modern Movie History?


Alma Coin, The Hunger Games, was cold, calculating and ambitious.  She wanted power, gained it and...well you know what happened.

Chadwick Boseman, 'Black Panther' Star, Dies of Cancer at 43


Black Panther is one of the best "superhero" movies out there. Boseman died from colon cancer.

Venom Eats Human Alive Video...WTF...We Don't Get It But 1.7 Million Viewers Do


Whoops, this guy is doomed...burp!

The Untold Truth Of Interstellar


Is this a sci-fi epic of 2010 A Space Odyssey proportions? 

The War Room: A Good Election Movie To Watch During This Election Season


Yardbarker is listing the 20 best election movies to watch this campaign of them is a documentary and it is about Bill Clinton's run for the Presidency.

RANKING the Godzilla Showa Films / Godzilla 1954 SPEED ART


We really are not Godzillaholics but this video is worth watching.